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My Darksiders genesis chrome browser experience so I did a recording of it and something weird happens in the middle where it poop out which was interesting to see since it's the first time it happened, it did continue right where i left off which was great,  also it felt kind of blurry, hard to explain but the chromecast to chrome experience is night and day. I just really personally hope they make the pro experience just as good for every screen because it was hurting my eyes.


OTHER then that I love the game took the dive and ended up spending the extra ten dollars which was a hard decision to do but whatever.


just figured i'd show you guys in the community

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Nice! good to see it's mostly running smooth for you. I have been having issues with it but on chromecast it looks wonderful.

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The Chrome browser will look slightly blurry for every game compared to a 4K Chromecast Ultra stream, unfortunately. I notice the same thing with Destiny 2Final Fantasy XV, etc. Even though Darksiders Genesis is a fairly low visual fidelity game, the stream being 1080p instead of 4K is a huge difference.

Aside from that, I got the game, too, and am enjoying it! It definitely needs a few patches to fix some issues like getting caught on the environment and some typos, but overall it is fun.

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