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Mousepointer not getting captured by stadia in chrome, which causes an offset (unplayable)

Hey there.

So starting yesterday, i'm having a problem where when i start up stadia to play in chrome (in this case it's BL3), chrome will correctly go into fullscreen, but it won't properly take control of the mousepointer. What this means is that i have my desktop mousepointer AS WELL as the in game BL3 mousepointer, but offset and with different sensitivity.

This pretty much makes the game unplayable and i cannot for the life of me figure out why it happens. I tried again today and it was back to normal, but now later in the day, it happened to me again.

For some reason the windows mousepointer does not properly integrate with the mousepointer inside the game and it's simply unplayable, since the desktop mouse isn't part of the game and you therefore cannot actually turn or really control your character.

I tried adding a photo with what i mean, sadly it doesn't screenshot the windows mousepointer.


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