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Mouse stuttering when strafing / Destiny 2

So I encounter the issue that my camera is stuttering quite badly when I strafe and move the camera via mouse at the same time into the opposite direction to where I'm strafing. When I just walk forward and move the mouse it's pretty smooth, not natively smooth like on Steam but it doesn't bother me.

It also occurs whether I'm on 1080p or 720p. While the rest of the game runs smooth.

While it runs smooth on my phone with the touch controller when I reproduce the same scenario, I just can't get the stuttering in Chrome to stop.

I already tried turning down polling rate, dpi, enhanced pointer precision VSync off, hardware acceleration on and off, different browsers or a different mouse.

When I monitor my connection with Stadia+ I get around a 10-20ms latency.

I'm just completely at a loss, I think it's something related to the local hardware and less something with the connection but I can't figured out what.

Maybe someone encountered the problem and has a fix already. Every tiny bit of help would be appreciated.

Thank a lot in advance!

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