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MacBook : TouchBar Troubles, Solutions , Sugestions

Hello first all I know it's strange to play on Mac but that exist.
First of All they is some problems to play when you have extension.
Best solution is to create a news user on Chrome (without install any extension) That fix parasites extension (for gaming)

After we have a second problem to use key F1 F2 F3 .../... F12 (for example you need F1 to play Destiny2)
Oh yes it's a second problem but important problem   

Chrome using Touchbar ... Very well for Chrome but not for Stradia 😉

The touchbar displays the internet address  (
but sadly not the function keys (F1 .../... F12)


For testing I use a :
- Microsoft (Windows keyboard) Working linked by Usb to the Apple Keyboard.
- Apple (Large Keyboard)  with Fonction key (but not working with stradia)
I have to set Before Gaming ... and RE setting after gaming (Boring), that why i connect the Microsoft Keyboard
You could obviously create a dedicated session for Strada: (if you have the rights to the computer)

To set fonction key of the keyboard ( mean F1 = F1 ... and (not light Down) : "How to use the function keys on your Mac"


My suggestion ( if i can ... Suggest)

Considering that Chrome already knows how to use the TouchBar.

it would be interesting to "better integrate" or by proposing to use the functions (without using the dedicated mac settings)

The top, would be proposed to "map", by games, or globally, with icons (defined), corresponding to the games, Or the top of the top, can include his own icon.

Seriously thinking that mac users might appreciate this idea.

Wishing you a nice day


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