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Input lag issues, not network related

I've got two oldish laptops that I would love to use to play Stadia on but the input lag is intolerable. I can't for the life of me figure out what is going wrong. Any advice is appreciated.

I have no input lag on my family's desktop or my cell phone.
My network connection is solid and all testing comes back as low ping and more than enough bandwidth. Wired vs in wired connection makes no difference. Controller vs keyboard makes no difference. I can have the desktop running smooth as silk and the laptop plugged into the router next to the desktop with a 1-2 second lag. My phone works flawlessly anywhere in the house over wifi.

I can't use the cell phone long term. The desktop is not mine to use for serious gaming but an accessable for testing.

Hardware deals:
Lenovo T430, stock i5, 4gb Ram, up to date Linux Mint
Lenovo T460, stock i5, 8gb Ram, up to date windows 7
Desktop, FX 6309, 8gb Ram, GTX 670, windows 10
Pixel 3a

All ready tried, without effect:
-all the chrome://flags suggested on
-removing chrome extensions
- incognito mode
-resetting chrome
-installing chrome canary and edge
-using vp9
-ocular brine on the keyboard

I have also tried the laptops without an external mouse so polling is not a concern.

I am stumped at this point. Network is solid. Hardware is more than capable. Sacrifices of blood, time, and money made to the Google Gods.

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@Omniva :

Sheesh.... I'm running out of other ideas now that you've tried all those listed below as far as I can tell, did you enable the pointer lock option?

1. Reset Chrome flags - go to the URL chrome://flags , select "Reset all to default", restart Chrome and try again.

2. Run Chrome and use an Incognito window and see if that helps, disable any extensions that might have been added.

3. Reduce refresh rate/polling rate on mouse pointer (usually a feature on some mouse drivers e.g. Logitech).

4. Access Chrome flags and enable the feature "Enables pointer lock options".

5. On Windows 8 run Chrome in Windows 7 compatibility mode. 

6.  Black screen on Chrome, try: Chrome flags and set Hardware accelerated video decode to Disabled.

Sorry if you've tried all of this already, but I'm not aware of any additional options...

Kudos appreciated if deserved.
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I have a similar problem in a Dell 11 Chromebook (3120). Now that is quite an old Chromebook, but I was hoping to be able to play on it. I have tried everything, all the chrome flags and settings, I have a USB Ethernet adapter, track pad v mouse v controller, nothing takes away the bad lag (not seen on a laptop or CCU so I know my internet connection is sound). Now, it does seem to respond better to the keyboard, and animations look very smooth, so I think it is somehow related to how chrome is processing the mouse/controller input and sending that to the server. I do wonder if it will work well when the controller supports playing in Chrome wirelessly so the Chromebook is bypassed for dealing with input and upload. Won't fully solve things as I prefer to play with mouse/keyboard but would be a start. Have you tried playing on a chromium based browser, such as brave?
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I have tried chrome based browsers (canary and edge) with no luck. In my Linux setup I have tried chrome and chromium.

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Try setting "Limited data usage" in the stadia app and then restart your web browser. This will limit you to 720p. If you don't get any input lag then your hardware can't decode the stream in higher resolutions fast enough.

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