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Have we figured out playing from work yet or what?!

OK... so months ago I asked for assistance with my works network... and Stadia just spinning on  "checking connection".  

My IT guys said they'd help get it going... they tried opening ports, nothing... they tried other nerdy things, nothing. 

... then the one IT guy threw his hands up and said, "HERE IS A NEW SSID, CONNECT TO IT, IT'S TOTALLY COMPLETELY OPEN... JUST LIKE AT HOME... SEE IF IT WORKS..." did not work. 

I mean, am I being unreasonable in wondering why this is so convolutedly complex?  ...when it should just work?!   We have GB down and 500MB up.   We are blazing fast at the office, totally open network... nothing. 

I have not checked in with you guys in a few months... thought I'd see if any head way has been made. 

...the staff want to game!  We want to let them!  


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From you're post, you've clearly done everything you can on the networking side of things. Have you ensured your computer isn't having any issues?

Here is the support page for troubleshooting. Besides that, try disabling extensions and experimenting with different computers on the same network to see if Stadia runs.

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