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HDR for chrome

When is HDR for chrome being released google stadia team. Almost feels like you forgot about it.

And now that it's available through all smartphones (via experiments), that would be a great addition for mobile. Especially when most smartphone users have HDR capabilities already. 

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Stadia Guide
Stadia Guide

Do you encounter that problems with specific games?

In my case my left monitor for example is able to play 4k while the other one is only 1080p resolution, so if I want the best quality, I need to move the chrome browser to the left side, choose "4K" in the settings of my Stadia profile on and then I can play in the best resolution (if the game allows that).

But might be that some games are not running as smooth as others, maybe some other users here in the community know that better than me (I think there was a list somewhere which game was affected and which not?), nothing official though, but apparently some users figured that out. 😄

But could be also another problem, so it would be interesting to know if your internet connection is fine and if you switched the Stadia settings to the best resolution.

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