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Grainy graphics and colorbanding

Hi Guys,

I have some issues while playing stadia in my browser. I see color banding and a grainy resolution.

Things I tried so far:

1. I've run a google speed test (result 685.450Mbps) (stadia tells me it has no errors)
2. I've opened my firewall ports
3. Switched hardware acceleration on and off (no difference)
4. tweaked Chrome.exe in my NVIDIA settings.
5. Disabled and enabled the HDR setting in the app.
6. ran stadia in an incognito window

I'm playing on a 2560x1400 monitor connected with a DisplayPort cable.

'normal' installed games run perfectly.
here are some screenshots (4) of the turning test:[](

and behind this here is my chrome://gpu: [](

I hope you guys can help me out!

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Stadia Guide
Stadia Guide

@Matthijsvr Are you able to notice a difference if you adjust the "Data usage & performance" options in the Stadia app?

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