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Google Speedtest > Stadia on one machine

Hey community! I've scrolled through various posts about speed lags with different settings, but I can't really help myself identifying my problem.

Of course, I am having connectivity issues. I have a 200 MBit-connection (Germany, Vodafone Cable). Running Google speedtest  I achieve around 170-180 MBit. However, if I run the Stadia speedtest, it is only between 3-4 MBit.

The strange thing is: the problem only occurs on my main machine (PC, i5-6600 3,3 GHz, 16 RAM, GeForce GTX 750 Ti). Using my laptop (Lenovo ThinkPad X260), Google's speedtest ends up the same, Stadia gets over 100 MBit.

Both machines are connected to the same wifi, in the same room. Both times I'm using Chrome with synchronisation, so conditions should be the same.

On my main machine I've tried:

  • resetting chrome flags, disabling hardware accelaration
  • running stadia speedtest in incognito
  • updated graphic drivers
  • reinstall chrome

I feel I'm out of options. Any ideas?

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Okay, misinformation here, and somewhat solved it...sort of.

So, the main machine was not on wifi but ethernet. Once I switched to wifi, I got full bandwith. WTF?

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