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[GUIDE] Start your Stadia games via desktop/browser shortcuts


I just want to share a trick I use to start my Stadia games directly from my desktop.
Maybe someone finds this usefull as well ๐Ÿ™‚

Step 1:

Navigate to the Store and find the game you want to directly start via desktop...

2020-05-08 13_56_26-Borderlandsยฎ3 โ€“ Store โ€“ Stadia.png

Step 2:

Right click anywhere on the page and press "Inspect" in the context menu

2020-05-08 13_58_51-Window.png

Step 3:

Press 'CTRL' + 'F' and type "data-p" on your keyboard.
Some code will highlight... Now copy the Text after the 




In the case of Borderlands 3 for example it would be: be080ad40b434ca289166031d3e88623rcp1

2020-05-08 14_08_38-Remote-PC IT - Desktop Viewer_data-p.png


Step 4:

Right click on your desktop and press "New" -> "Shortcut"
A window opens up, insert


followed by your copied text 'be080ad40b434ca289166031d3e88623rcp1'


Just add that link as a browser favourite shortcut in chrome... 


Borderlands 3 Game Start Link ->

Note: Of course you have to claim / own the game for the link to work properly ๐Ÿ˜‰

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