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From a Linux user, please enable Hardware Video Acceleration for Chrome

Stadia is virtually useless on all but one of my machines, my Manjaro machine, since I was able to install a chromium browser with Video Acceleration flag available to enable (took over a day to build on my Manjaro machine, it is not that powerful).


What will it take to just give us the option to turn the feature on or off. Stadia is virtually useless to me. It works fine on Windows. I don't wanna use Windows. It actually works quite well on Chromium Os like Cloud Ready. I don't wanna turn one of my machines into a Cloud Ready machine for Stadia. You guys already have Hardware Video Acceleration working on Chrome in your own Linux distribution. Throw the rest of us Linux users a bone here.


Supposedly this is a "Low Priority" issue. Unfortunately it is THE issue preventing Stadia from truly working across ALL platforms.

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Let see if community can make this possible. Google may push this feature dedicating some resource and make it possible in Chromium (and its own Chrome).

Please, don't forget to do this requirement also in Comments section, located in your Stadia profile.

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