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Elder Scolls Online - Weird camera movement speed


does someone also already owns ESO on PC/Steam and feels that compared to local play the camera movement is a bit weird on Stadia?
I feel like the camera movement with Mouse and Keyboard readjusts all the time during my inputs...
So if I move the mouse the same speed to the left, lift up and place it down a bit to the right and slide it left again with about the same speed I get TOTALLY different look around speeds...

I don't have that localy on PC...
Could that be a bug or so? I don't have such an issue with other Stadia games...

Best regards,

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I came to report the same issue. I think it is the mouse jumping. Will you please test to see if that is the issue you are having?

Log out to the character select screen and move your mouse around and see if it starts jumping to different corners. Then press Shift+Tab or hold Escape to release the mouse from the the game and continue to wiggle it and verify the jumping stops.

This is the issue I have. I tried adjusting the following flags but it did not resolve.



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I don't have the corner jumping mouse... I only have it while playing when mouse is not visible ingame like running or walking.
Enabling and disabling the mentioned flags did also not help in my case...

The stadia support so far told me the following things:
- restart game
- try other mouse
- try other usb port
- disabling hardware acceleration in windows
- play in incognito tab

Did also not help so far...

I also noticed that while running and opening a menu (so that mouse apears) and moving the mouse in circles... The mouse pointer behaves perfectly like I think I move the mouse... But when I leave the menu while keep pressing running like all the time before... The camera works... Stop pressing forward and pressing forward again while still moving the mouse in circles lets the issue happen again.
I find that even more weird^^

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