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Division 2 - Startup issues and Framerate issues


I'm having multiple issues with Division 2, and have been for a while, but I'm tired of dealing with it.  First off, sometimes when I try and launch the game it just goes to black screen then kicks me back to main Stadia page, sometimes it just sits on the loading screen forever.  All in all, I often have to try and launch the game 4-5 times, including closing/reopening chrome and even restarting a few times before I finally launch and get in.

Only to run into the second issue.  If I load into an outside area, for instance the area outside the White House, the game looks good and runs smoothly.  However, as soon as I go to walk inside, once I hit the threshold of the tunnel, the games framerate drops to about 1 fps and controls become much less responsive.  It makes the game literally unplayable.  All I can do is hold down the walk back key and eventually the character will cross the threshold back outside, in which case the game runs smoothly just like it should again.  This happens any time I try to go inside.  If my character happens to be inside upon loading the game (like at Haven in NY), then this even happens ON THE LOADING SCREEN and the game loading speed drops to a crawl and the framerate still goes to 1.

The only thing that fixes the issue is to quit Stadia entirely, then go through the whole process of trying to get back into the game and hope the coin flip lands on the proper side that time.

All in all sometimes it can take me 20 minutes to finally get into a working game session.

I really do enjoy the game quite a bit, but I have no idea why I'm still trying to play it.

I play on an HP Chromebook X2 via Chrome browser.  I haven't had either of these issues with any of the other games I have played.

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