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Destiny 2 FPS dies after various amounts of playtime


Unsure what this issue could be, but putting this out there in case someone else has this, or a fix.

Firstly, Destiny 2 runs flawlessly most of the time, full 4k no slowdown, it's great. On occasion, at no warning the game almost freezes, it runs at 1 frame every 2 or 3 seconds, it can be anywhere in Destiny, doing any activity, PVE, PVP, Team based or solo.

I can leave it for 5 minutes or more and it does not recover, if I exit Stadia (long press and exit) and open again, flawless, until the next time. I can open another game such as Diablo3, WoW and they run fine while this is still slow FPS, I can open another Chrome window and browsing is fine.

My PC is well spec'd and I am using the Google Nest WiFi @ 5Ghz, internet 400/250 constantly FTTP, 

Any suggestions, I may try it in Edge (but would rather not!)


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