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Chromebook keyboard's shortcuts ... and draining battery fast ?


I'm completly in love with stadia. It's amazing, and completly crazy, to be able to play real AAA games, on a cheap chromebook (mine is really old, and cost 50$ max now). For me, it's the perfect solution. Thanks for that !

But I've got 2 questions :

- On chromebook, there are no F12 key ๐Ÿ˜‰ ... how to capture screenshot/video on a chromebook ?

- While my chromebook can easily make the day with youtube videos. Why It's draining the battery so fast, when I'm playing a stadia game (no more than 4h from 100% to 0%) ? (We could say that is running on the local host ... but sure : it's not possible ;-))

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Same in Grid, ask for using F1, F3 etc. Funcion key's can not be binded with other key's in Grid.

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