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Chrome quality issues.

First of all, I am a happy customer of Stadia. I know it is a platform in progress but in general I have had a great experience not having to download large games or updates on my computer in order to play them. 

My reason for the post is I am a PC gamer. My gaming machine is connected to my primary 4k television always. I watch tv using through my computer in browser and never have a reason to use other inputs unless I am playing some other external gaming console. I knew that Stadia would not support 4k gaming initially in chrome, but it was a surprise to find out I would have to plug the Stadia controller into my computer in order to use it in chrome. Well at least my xbox controllers work wirelessly, but I am unsure of the lag introduced using this setup after warnings from google. In the first few days of Stadia before I received the CCU (Chrome Cast Ultra), it felt very laggy in Samurai Showdown, or I just suck at Samurai Showdown. Perhaps some combination of timing issues because of unreliable response time?

My initial impressions of Stadia through the chrome browser (before CCU), made me think that my internet connection was either not stable enough, that Stadia did not have enough servers near me, or that the service was not going to be what was promised. I told my friends up to that point, again before the CCU, that Stadia appeared to not live up to any of its promises. Despite having a 300 download and about 100 upload speed, Stadia was super pixelated and blurry. You could see massive compression artifacts. Sometimes I could manage decent connections when trying Destiny 2. Even though the lag felt less than Samurai Showdown using the wireless xbox controller (perhaps better masked by game type), the quality in Chrome was never good.

I then get the CCU and Stadia Controller earlier than scheduled (awesome Google!!!). I still did not hold out much hope after how horrible it worked in Chrome. I plug the CCU into the TV and my router, link the controller, purchase RDR2 deluxe and watched as it seamlessly added itself to the Stadia interface and be playable immediately. A 108 or so gigabyte game ready to play in seconds!!! 😃 I was thrilled, but still expected the worse when it came to graphic fidelity after my experience in Chrome. Much to my amazement, it ran flawlessly on the CCU. I could not sense any input lag. The graphics, while hdr, most likely not truly 4k or 60 fps in this game, definitely well above what I was expecting after my experience in Chrome. I was a believer. A lowly TV dongle is capable of decoding high quality video streams in real time to the point of feeling like all the processing was being done on it and not being streamed to it.    

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic Author C. Clark (source google search =))

Being that I like playing games on my computer so that I have access to my browser, youtube,, or anything else on it at any given time, my preference would be to by pass the CCU and just run Stadia in Chrome. I just needed to wait till they supported Stadia gaming in Chrome at 4k. I started hearing reports of some Chrome users getting to use 4k for stadia. I tried it again in chrome, and it looked horrible. Worse, when I took the Borderlands 3 session from the browser to the CCU (which is a really cool feature), the CCU seemed to never be able to get to the 4K quality, only rendering at a lower 1080p. That is odd. Makes me think Google is opening gaming sessions with different quality profiles based on the platform that is making the opening request. I quit the game and shut down the Stadia session, and waited about 30 minutes to ensure a new spin up and loaded the BL3 on the CCU. Back up to 4k quality in the Stadia menu.

So I would like to know when can we expect 4k in chrome. I am not sure what is preventing Chrome from looking at least decent. I will for the time being, be playing on the CCU which is mostly flawless. My preference will definitely be using Chrome especially when I am out of town as soon as it seems to work.

Surely the gtx 1080, the SkyLake i7, and wired 300 downloads and 100 uploads should be capable of a steady Stadia stream. After using advice from AquaRegia on reddit I tried monitoring the Chrome gaming sessions using the Javascript they wrote as bookmarlet. The codec is using VP9, but the connection seems completely unstable varying from 4 Mb to 20 Mb and the quality level never gets above "good" in the Stadia Menu (shift-tab). It seems, while on the BL3 loading screen, it sometimes gets to 1080p but usually within a few seconds drops back down to warnings about disconnecting the session because of an unstable connection.

Sorry for the long first post. I love Stadia. I am looking forward to what it is going to be. I have kept my subscription and have purchased games. I would just like to know if google is looking into why Chrome performance is so horrible. How is the buddy pass supposed to sell the system if the buddy, without a CCU,  has experiences like my experiences in Chrome.

Thanks 😃


Edit. AquaRegia is awesome. I am unsure if of their gender and I used a definitive pronoun by mistake. 😃

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IT works! Thank u for it. I use a 1080gtx too. Hope stadia Support See it.

IT also fix the Problem with fluctuating latency. 

Love u! (now i hope the division 2 is Not only @1080p like destiny 2 🙈

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