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Chrome on Macbook Pro poor visual quality


I started playing Stadia 2 days ago just to try it out and see if it is fun to play games at home and during breaks at the office.

So far my experience has been great, especially on the CCU on my 4K TV. 
LG TV immediately shows HDR badge when loading up game and graphics are good. Not as good as my Xbox One X but I was really surprised by the result knowing that it is a stream. Did not have any lag. Only during my Grid gameplay there was a little lag sometimes.

That being said, I'm somewhat disappointed by the quality of streams on my Macbook Pro.
At the office I have a 400-500Mbps connection and all wired. At home I have a 100mbps connection. In both scenarios same result. Games load fast but the quality is just nothing compared to my TV. Game logo's are blurry, loading animations don't show up sometimes for the first 5 seconds but just show up as blocks. 

The Macbook Pro has a 15,4 inch display (2880x1800) and I've also tested on an external Apple Thunderbolt display (2560x1440). Both do not look that good and also have the same visual problems.

Also, on my TV when I go to connection I can see EXCELLENT connection. In Chrome it always just shows GOOD connection. I have really fast internet at the office, so why is Chrome not showing EXCELLENT. Or does it never show up in Chrome?

I'm using two builds of Chrome for Mac. 
One is the official build and another is the beta build (Versie 81.0.4044.62)

I've tried with HDR disabled. I've tried with Balanced visual quality. It doesn't change a thing. 

The menu of the Stadia page looks crisp of course. But as soon as I open a game it is not good. 

Any ideas or tips are really welcome! And as a heads-up.. I do not own a 4K gaming monitor that I can hook up to my laptop. So that is not an option. I would just like to game on the Macbook Pro screen with clear visuals. 

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As quoted by OasisVic try using this extension and using vp9.

"I tried this Chrome extension and it seemed to help: "

I have not used this extension yet, I set it manually in the dev console but that seems to be the only way at this point I have been able to get 4k in chrome.

Thanks and good luck.

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Just discovered OSX does not support vp9 natively. Apparently there is support but I am not sure if chrome on IOS will hook into any hardware decoders so it would use the cpu if it works and that may not be fast enough.

I am not 100% sure, but i did not want to get your hopes up. If it matters on windows 10 with an i7 6700 skylake and a gtx 1080 Stadia in chrome does not look as good as the CCU. Good luck =).

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