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Chrome browser halves download speed on macOS, this is the real Stadia problem

Doing speedtest on safari in my room (not so near to the wifi router but not even so far) I reach 250 mb in download speed, with Chrome instead I reach only 60 mb in download and Stadia is unplayable, lag and disconnection problems. If I bring the macbook closer to the router things improve, safari goes to 450 in download and chrome reaches 200, Stadia gets the maximum performance. I tried to speed up chrome by updating, deleting and reinstalling it, deactivating extensions, deactivating hardware acceleration, browsing in incognito mode but nothing solves the problem, Chrome continues to navigate at least half the speed of safari. If I could play on stadia on safari I would not have problems from my room and instead so I am forced to stand in front of the modem to play decently. I've done same test with a pc windows and no problem in my room, so I think the problem is bad optimization of macOS version of Chrome browser. I think that before launching Stadia you should have optimized and fixed Chrome, it is absurd that it is presented as the fastest browser in the world and then it has these problems on macOS. I hope you will optimize Chrome as soon as possible with an update or I will not renew my subscription to Stadia.
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Stadia Guide
Stadia Guide

@Anakin1000 : Speedtest via a browser is pretty unreliable IMHO, I wouldn't read too much into the values, for what it is worth:

Speedtest App : 545 Mbps

Safari : 483.79 Mbps

Safari : 570 Mbps

Safari: Project Stream 344.799 Mbps

Chrome: 407.54 Mbps 

Chrome: 560 Mbps

Chrome: Project Stream 504.316 Mbps

Firefox: 545.81 Mbps

Firefox: 610 Mbps

Firefox: Project Stream 529.488 Mbps

As you can see a lot of different values from different browsers and speedtest tools.

From time to time (maybe 3 times a year) for reasons still unknown to me my MBP WiFi speeds drop significantly, a restart resolves the issue for me, but I don't have the patience to try and investigate what the precise cause might be, life being too short than try to figure that one out.


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