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Bug: Exit Fullscreen Mode prompt ("X") when moving Mouse Cursor y-axis (PUBG and Turing Effect)

This problem occurred a few days ago but it may have been around longer:

When playing PUBG or Turing Effect on Stadia, whenever I move my mouse upwards to make my character look down (inverted y-axis is toggled on), there is a problem with the Chrome browser: It displays the grey "X" symbol prompt at the top of the screen. This is supposed to be displayed when you press or hold the ESC button to exit fullscreen mode.

So when I try to look down in PUBG or Turing Effect, this grey "X" appears. I can reproduce this 100% of the time. Worse than that, this "X" prompt interferes with the ongoing input commands of my key mouse and keyboard. So if I am running in PUBG (pressing the SHIFT + W keys) and I try to adjust my aim downwards, my character comes to a sudden halt. I have to press all keys again to make the character move again.

I made an additional bug test in PUBG: I disabled to "invert y-axis" option. As expected, this results in looking up when moving the mouse upwards and looking down when moving the mouse downwards. In this scenario, the grey "X" prompt appeared only when moving the mouse down (so again with my character's view moving downwards). Moving the mouse upwards did not result in a problem here.

I have not yet seen this bug occur in the games' menus. Only when actually unpausing and playing the game. Something gets toggled when my character looks down.

Could it be that there is an association with the "exit fullscreen on swiping down" feature? I mean this feature:

Just wondering because my problem does have to do with panning the mouse cursor in a certain vertical direction, which is pretty close to "swiping down".

In Windows 10, I have mouse cursor acceleration disabled.

This is really hurting my experience with Stadia. In fact, it makes enjoying the games impossible. Looking forward to your suggestions. Maybe someone can verify if they have the experience the same bug. Just enter PUBG or Turing Effect and make your character look straight down.

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While this problem persists on Google Chrome (Windows 10), using the new Edge Browser with Chromium support fixes the issue. The games seem to be much smoother now.

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