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4k through Chromebook and dock?


I bought the founders edition to support stadia, and because I am looking forward to baldurs gate 3. 

I don't really play much at the moment, as I have a big exam in October, but at the moment I have the Chromecast through my 4k TV. 

When baldurs gate lands I am considering buying a 4k dock

And 4k monitor

With a pixelbook go (not the 4k version)

Would this set up (with mouse and keyboard connected to the dock) give me a 4k gaming experience?

I like the idea over buying a pc as stadia should scale better over time with less need for upgrades. 

Thanks for any advice!

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Stadia Guide

Can totally understand you, @PixelWizard, I am waiting for BG3 too 😄

Regarding your question, for a 4K experience you need the following:

So regarding the Hardware: Your chromebook needs to support VP9 hardware coding. When you want to play on your TV, you need to make sure that your TV (Monitor) can play 4K. If you buy a computer, you need to also make sure that the computer supports VP9 hardware coding and that your monitor you want to play on, is able to play 4K.

I don't know if you really need this 4K dock to be honest, it doesn't sound like this is a requirement.

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Thanks for that, really helpful. 

Do you know if the pixelbook go range support vp9 hardware coding?

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Stadia Guide

Very good question. I mean as far as I can see at least the Pixelbook Go Display seems to be 4K ready ("4K Ultra HD Molecular Display™ 3840x2160 (331 ppi), Source: Google Store). What I don't know is if it does also have VP9 hardware decoding. I would assume yes, but if you want to be sure before the purchase, better ask the Google Store-Team about it or maybe someone here in the community is using one already and can let you know.

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The answer is yes. I don't have the exact same make/model setup yet mine works in 4k through the dock. I use Stadia+ to force the 4k but the ethernet port helps tremendously. 

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