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What is your feeling with Stadia so far?

I hope the Stadia team will read this.

I just bought Stadia last week, I was waiting for the free tier but could not wait anymore especially since trying Xcloud (which is buggy and keep losing connection).

So I knew what I was getting myself into when I ordered Stadia but that 60 fps thing was the selling point for me.

First thing that blew in my face was the process... I placed my order and about 2 hours later, got my code and 5 min later was already playing on my phone thanks to the Xbox one controller...


The next day i receive my package, set up the chromecast ultra and the controller and start playing. While getting kind of hot, I never experienced a disconnection from chromecast. PERFECT.

I waned to get a chromecast ultra anyway so why not getting Stadia with it...

The reason I got Stadia is because I do not see it as it is today but as it can become in the future and it has a huge potential



- To me at least, it is bad on chrome... Stuttering, frame jumping especially in games like Destiny 2 when a lot is going on on the screen.

- Sometimes (happened once actually), there is no sound on the Stadia android app, So could not use my mic when playing the division 2 with stream connect

- Some games does not seem to be optimized for Stadia, Ghost recon and Assassins creed are not 60 fps and have latency.



- I can chose how and where I want to play

- No more waiting, no more waking up in the morning just to realize the game was not installed because you have no more space

- I can play at the hotel... One guy on Reddit was playing in Thaiti (I do not know how he did that and the latency he experienced...)

- After experiencing the Division 2, I feel comfortable playing fighting games on Stadia


This is the section I hope other member will contribute.


- Allow to play "local" multiplayer games (like MK11) without the need of the second player to have an account, or do like the xbox does, use a guess account

- FIX Stadia on chrome

- Go aggressive on getting games, since we can now play on PC, why not getting all those great PC games?

- Create giant live streamed tournament on youtube.

- GTA online is empty with a lower frame rate... This is because of consoles limitations... On Stadia, those are thrown out of the window so why not a giant open world game... Like for instance some players will be cops and other will be criminals operating in a living vibrant city... Or a war game where each player will be part of an army and 2 armies consisting of only real players fight. The possibility of Stadia is limitless... In short : MASSIVE ONLINE MODERN ERA OPEN WORLD GAME.

Hope the community will add to that list and the Stadia team will read this discussion.


So for me so far I am satisfied and exited of what could come in the future

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I have enjoyed Stadia from day 1. In fact, I was in the beta and loved it then, but I think performance-wise, the real thing is better than I expected. I don't have some of the issues people report... I've played on laptop, Pixel (3 XL) and Chromecast, and I haven't had any lag or jumpy screens in any of those situations. 

I don't have anyone at home who I would play with or any kids at home, so couch Co-op play, and Family Sharing aren't issues for me.

The game selection is small, but I fully expect that to change with time, and I like the games. I've BOUGHT 6 games, and I like the free games they've given us. I don't even care when I bought a game that was then given to the pro members, which is what happened with Grid for me and with many other games with other people. It's a small library and that will happen. I'm just glad more people get to enjoy a game that I bought and liked. 

I'm all in on Stadia. I think some of the recent games are great and there are more great games coming, and being able to play pretty much how and where I want to is awesome. Maybe if I start seeing lag or other issues, that might change. But my experience so far has been great.

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Will keep this brief and say I love the convenience and the extra power over my Xbox main negative is googles inability to make people who don't know much about cloud gaming see the benefits that those aware of the tech know about.

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Over all experience: GREAT

Missing family-functions: Pity sad.

For me as a casual gamers, its a perfect platform. Since christmas I am playing shadow of tomb raider and I am on 80%. Sometimes I like to drive with GRID and for a very special kind of relaxation I start up "thumper".

Destiny is not my real taste of a game but I like the graphics alot.

Farming simulator is cool, especially when I want some nice landscapes and no gunfights at all.




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