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What are stadia’s goals

What do the people behind stadia believe in, what do you want this service to be. We haven’t gotten much word on who stadia is for and what your goal behind stadia is. It would be appreciated if someone would reply to this as it’s worrying to me where stadia is headed as of now.

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I suppose the vision of Stadia is to make gaming accessible to anyone without needing to own dedicated hardware while enjoying the conveniences of being able to play anywhere instantly. Internet infrastructure continues to get better worldwide and as we have seen other forms of media transition over to streaming when they were feasible to implement. The case with gaming isn't any different I would say and also comes with the added potential to design games exclusively for the cloud with unique features and AI assisted technology. Especially in markets where hardware doesn't come cheap, the prospect of being able to simply stream your games either as part of a subscription plan or individually is very appealing.

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Over 1000000000 people reaching. Otherwise stadia would be a fail 🤷‍♂️

Stadia is like wow. Want be atractive to All Player and thats why Lots of dont want to play anymore 🙈

For gamers it is Not good - to less title and cooperations - pc/xbox/ps are better

For family it is Not good - Features are missing and multiplayer games cant Hit the quality of Nintendo.

For handygames - requierments are to high

I had hope in stadia. The Performance is very good at home. But i could also buy xbox or Ps.

Haß 10 teraflop since one year and didnt nothing with the Power 😂😂😂😂😂😂

In my opinion stadia has the best Controller.


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