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Using STADIA with a PC


Just a few questions here - I will ask the most basic questions.


1. How would you use STADIA on a PC? I plan to only use it with my PC, do I need chrome to use STADIA?

2. How can I use OBS with STADIA? I have a single computer setup and this is a dream scenario for me, since the game won't take up crazy resources does this mean streaming through a single PC setup is doable now?

3. Will stadia have their own MOUSE/KEYBOARD option? I would love to see this.

4. I have an ultra WIDE screen and  it's beautiful for gaming will I be able to get 1440p?

5. Is there a headset with stadia? I want to use my XLR MIC for the best quality..will using STADIA through my PC pickup my XLR mic?


Thanks so much!

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Destiny 2 works with mouse and keyboard. It only works in 1080p.


There is no ultra-wide support.

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Stadia Guide
Stadia Guide

1. You can use m/kb or other supported controllers like DS4, Xbox 1 controller, and of course Stadia controller. Yes you would need Chrome browser to access Stadia

2. I don't see why not. As long as your computer can handle a Chrome browser, you should be fine

3. What do you mean by this? You can play Stadia using kb/m without extra setup.

4. No ultra wide screen support I'm afraid (I also want this too..)

5. You can use whatever headset that works with your computer.


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Awesome I legit didn't know you could use MOUSE and KEYBOARD already that is fantastic news.

thanks for answering guys

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