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There's a lot of discontent about Stadia's username system, so here's my proposal/feedback.

Let me start by saying that i and my sister are loving Stadia so far, we own a PS4, Switch and an Xbox One S but the convenience and simplicity of Stadia is pretty awesome in comparison with consoles. But we really don't like the username system of Stadia and, for what I've been searching, many others don't like it too. The core complain is that, unlike any other major gaming platform like PlayStation, Nintendo or Xbox, Google limited usernames without the automatic and obligatory number tag (the #1234 next to your name) to a limited bundle, which i think it was a fatal error, such move leaves a lot of users in the entire life span of Stadia unable to have a name without random numbers and with a feeling of being treated like a second class user, that situation doesn't happen on the mentioned before gaming platforms. My proposal/feedback is that, at least, if a username is available and no one has taken it already, it shouldn't have the number tag, just like how Xbox's username system works. Maybe leave the feature of being unable to replicate that name only to Founders, but Stadia should definitely have a way to have a username without numbers. I hope Google listen because i, and a lot of other users, love the platform but Stadia should be on par with what other big gaming companies are offering, not adding more negatives to the platform. Thanks for reading and have a nice and safe day ^_^

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Agreed! But probably isn't on really high priority right now. They should rather focusing on adding a godamn messanging system on all stadia version, which is a mandatory thing on all platforms! I hate that to always gather around 10 people into my party to just say "i need to sleep guys, pls don't invite me 30 times"  😄




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Stadia Guide

Hi @LauraAllyson 

you might want to use the feedback feature of your mobile stadia app to send the idea directly to the Stadia Team. 🙂

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