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The 'Problem' with Stadia (in general)

Hi there!

First of all: I love the idea of Stadia!

But now to the 'Problem' with Stadia: It is the market approach.

Of course this is only my point of view, but I will tell you why. 😉
Stadia is obviously aiming for console players. And the timing seems to be perfect - it's just before the next gen is released. But as the numbers are behind expectations, there is something Google seems to forget about console players.

Console players are used to fight for their console. Like football-fans fight for their team. Playstation players are used to fight for their buying decision, especially against XBox players and vice-versa. It's something like a long-term believe! 😉

Now Stadia aimed for that players, but they already have a console capable of 4k/HDR. And they built up a huge library of games in the years they are using their current gen consoles. That's why it's so easy to find arguments against Stadia: I also have 4k@60, I have much more games than Stadia is offering in total, I like the PS/XB-controller more, etc. Additionally the next gen is right around the corner, so everyone's waiting what next gen consoles are offering (more than Stadia).

It is a fight Stadia cannot win.

As a big fan of Stadia and with long-term experience in global marketing, my suggestion is: Change the target group.

Of course there are some console players using Stadia and there will be some switching, but the competition is high.

So, who will pay for games/pro-service on Stadia?

PC-players. Why? Because they have to buy expensive hardware every few years in order to keep the newest games running (on high quality). PC-players always have to evaluate what is in for them. This is why I was switching to Stadia - because my old PC was not able to run the games I wanted to try. My calculation was easy: 1200,- for a new mid-range PC, which will run the newest games max. up-to 5 years, or 10 years of Stadia pro. 😉

You might say: But Stadia is available also for PC players!
But the PC players also have a reason for not being console users. PC players like playing their shooter games with mouse and keyboard. If you want mouse and keyboard support, you will need a PC incl. OS and if you want to play with HDR you also need a processor capable of processing HDR-streams. In the end you need a PC which is already capable to play some of the games available on Stadia.

There are many more things I would change when marketing Stadia, but I will stay with these examples. 

From the gamers I know no console player started using Stadia, but some of the PC players started and are very happy with the performance. Even some long-time-no-play guys started playing again, because of no hardware needed (but they play on PC with m&kb).


Please start focusing on the right target group and make Stadia attractive for PC players. This would start with mouse and keyboard support for the Chromecast Ultra. Then you should focus more on high-end games for adults (which Stadia already started with). And in the end Stadia-marketing should target this group more...

I would love to see more players on Stadia, because for me it is the future and I really enjoy it! Btw. I'm 43 years old and played nearly on every platform since the 80's... 😉

What do you think? Do you like Stadia AND are you attracted by the market approach? Or does everyone who likes Stadia wondering (like me) who should be targeted by the marketing/concept made?

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Great post @Amoker aand some fantastic points to ponder.


I think Stadia has a real place when the crossover of a generation comes, we've seen that from C64 to Atari to NES/SNES and Master System to Mega Drive to Playstation to Xbox and the current cycle we have. 

Stadia is something new, it's a streaming service and many deny it in the same way they did Netflix at first, it was common to hear the comments of "Theres no new movies on that" or "I've seen the shows before".

Technology has a way of proving itself over time though, and free trials, and advertising to a slightly older generation will help - will parents really foot the bill for a PS5 AND Cyberpunk 2077 as opposed to just the game on a streaming service.

Google isnt an infinite resource, and it has to take it's time to realise how to market this.  I'd like to see try a game, any game, on Stadia base for say, 2 hours, for free.  Up peoples access and exposure, while improving the service, the rest will follow.

P.S. 39yr old myself!

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@TheWelshIdiot For info Google’s current policy is you can buy any game and get a full refund if played less than 2hrs and within so many days (not sure the days limit). I’ve done it myself a couple of times and worked fine and got full refund.

Not quite the same as try for free I agree and that would be better, but essentially the same thing except the money is out of your account a couple of weeks.

Seems we are all in our 30s...but I’m only mid-30s!

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@Matt1 @Amoker @TheWelshIdiot 

Read the whole post and replys and loved reading everyone's points. I am 31 and have had my PS4 since day one. My fiance bought me Stadia as an early xmas present and since then the PS4 has been turned on once maybe twice. 

I love the convenience of Stadia, just pick up and play whenever, no load times, and what is becoming a very good library of games.

I do agree however that the marketing has been abit lost, Playstation and Xbox will both be hollering about the new system leading up to launch. TV, Radio, spotify will all have adverts, you will also see billboards, bus stop adverts and adverts on side of buses. Stadia appeared a couple times on some Apps otherwise I heard about it on a Tech podcast coming out of Canada, that wasnt an advert just a general chat. Also release it into stores so people can touch it and look at it. I have not seen the system on a shelf and so people wont know it's available. Google cant rely on word of mouth and people recommending to friends as were not all sales people. 

I love Stadia and plug it to everyone, but Google to shout louder and get this out there. With more community your going to get more developers on board which means more games a happy community. 

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I Agree... PC switch over.. I got stadia for the reason of expensive hardware costs on other platforms...  I am 45 and played everything and this is making me think I don't need the new ps5 as its more limited... and the gamers are all teenagers... go for the adults and PC gamers... spend more on marketing and stuff it in people's faces..

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On PC, Smartphones and TV
They still need to launch the integration features with youtube as promised and with Android, start selling games through the Google Play Store and on YouTube videos.
Features announced but not yet implemented, which will certainly leverage Stadia
But there is one very important thing that they never talked about the Subject, support for TVs from Sansung (tizen) and LG (webOS)
But it looks like Google is expecting something, which I really don't know what it is!
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Thanks for the Post 👍




I agree with the mouse and keyboard issue. 




I disagree with the topic that people fight for his console. Of course there is a fraction who Do it. 




But be fair, why should anyone switch to stadia:




- no better graphic in games (max slightly more average fps - pubg looks Bad with low fps compare to my midrange pc) 




- games comes later




Tell me one reason out of, u can choose my PC or tablet to switch?




- Bad comunication - there are so many hyped to annoucements but the Most should be here since November and Not 6 month later


- the biggest failure of Google is - no stadia game, who Shows what the System could Do. Event if the game would only have content for 5h. It would be great to have one 🤷‍♂️.




All in all i Support stadia since hour one and will continue. To make it great will be a long way for Google and if there are nö changes, they will fail 😕

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Great post and great replies by all, a good read.

Regarding keyboard and mouse, I agree however this is a technical limitation of the Chromecast I believe (might be wrong but I did a quick search) as it doesn't have Bluetooth capabilities which I believe is how most wireless keyboards and mice connect. Google homes have Bluetooth so I guess they could potentially double hop but that sounds laggy.

In terms of target audience and marketing, I feel like they don't know who they're target audience is and they haven't driven the Stadia hard marketing wise and I can't fathom why, I can only assume it's maybe a choice they've made. Maybe get a base of players, almost beta testers, and when they're confident and have a really good library and some exclusives, maybe they'll then try and push it more. I haven't seen one TV ad in the UK, other than the fact I'm a 39 year old geek Stadia could've completely passed me by!

The issue Stadia seems to have is perception, any Stadia article, outside of this forum, is full of comments sections full of people slating Stadia, it's subscription model and it's general existence, I think this is what Google needs to address to win the masses over.

Love Stadia though, own a PC, PS4 and a Switch, PS4 is gathering dust, turned it on to play Destiny 2, turned it off because there was a massive update to wait for, no thanks, not anymore! The convenience of Stadia is great, for me it works perfectly, if the kids are watching *insert mind numbing kids TV program of the minute here* on the TV I can grab the Chromebook and instantly get playing. Same in the garden using my Orzly phone mount and Pixel phone. 

My only slight moan is it'd be nice if there was a cheaper way to get the family round the TV playing games like Get Packed other than buying another 3 controllers at £60 a pop, which just isn't going to happen. I guess it comes back to the original post and wanting to link keyboard and mouse, if we could link other controllers to the Chromecast Ultra, problem solved!

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I tought of WiFi connection for mouse&keyboard just like the controller... with the possibility to connect a headset to the keyboard, of course. 😉


It seems the target group for Stadia is above 30yrs... 😉

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To the point with the hate : in germany for exampel there are Lots of posts of Magazins who say there is imput lag. So the hate goes to the great input lag. But this is a lie. No different to my midrange PC. Even in shooter like the division 2.

I think the KI works pretty nice. Information from Google : nothing.

Sorry but the Marketing could be much better with such Informations and little "Show how it work" Videos 😕. If they get people money for Marketing, fire them All 🤷‍♂️


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i got stadia as a pc gamer exactly for the motives you said. 

to get a good gamong 4k hdr pc i need to spend 2k minimum with stadia i just pay the subscription. They MUST focus on PC market share.


totally agree with your point of view

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Thank you all for the feedback!

I just thought of additional (and forgotten) advantages of Stadia, I like to share with you:

  • Especially when playing PvP shooters, the fact that Stadia runs on the 'same' servers will minimize the high ping problem. (For a first impression you might watch this: 😉
  • Also you may completely get rid of the need for a PC and use your mobile instead. This idea I wrote here: with the possibility for marketing Stadia more...
  • Additionally I think the concept to be able to play on a phone's screen is overrated. If I want to use this feature, I often didn't have a stable internet connection: In the Car/Bus/Train, in a hotel, at the airport, ... And to be honest: It is a 'nice' feature, but I want to play on a big screen! With mouse&keyboard, of course 😉

So again: Thank you all for sharing your thoughts on this topic!

Keep on stadin'! 😉

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