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The Division 2 price

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Any idea of the price for the divisione 2 game ?

It will be released the 17th, but I'm worried about the price... On UBI store it's sold at 10€ atm, Hope that Stadia will offer the same prices...

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey everyone, please note that we've released the adjusted prices for The Division 2 and all discounted editions. If you purchased the content at the prices that were listed previously, take a look at the Stadia return policy for instructions on how to initiate a refund.

If additional assistance is needed, please reach out to the Stadia support team.

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It is totally different.

First of all, the Division 1 & 2 are multiplayer game so no pausing the game.

Ghost recon is a true open world (more especially wildlands which in my view is 100 times better than breakpoint), civilians, cars, bike, boat, plane, helicopter... But in my view, break point is a huge step back, the map is simply HUGE in ghost recon

In Ghost recon, you can finish any mission without getting into a gun battle, you can not in the Division since the enemies are bullet sponge. In Ghost recon, you can just snipe all of them (head shot head shot) then get what you need and leave.

Ghost recon involve a lot of stealth

No matter who is the enemy (or boss) a head shot will kill him instantly and a few shots to the body will also do it... (In wildlands, I killed one of the hardest boss in 2 seconds (the one in a helicopter)

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Good point, I bought it on Xbox one at $3, I will not buy it again at more than $10 especially due to the bullet sponge enemies.. Oh yeah warlord edition... Because the $3 was only for the base game as does the the one on UBI store, but on Stadia it comes with the warlord edition... A reasonable price should be in the $30 since warlord add on cost like $30

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