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Tablet support + Gen 2

I am sure these are questions that have been asked many times over, but

  1. is there any word on when the stadia app will get support on Android tablets as playable screens like on mobile phones? Would rather play games like Shadow of the tomb raider, metro exodus, red dead redemption and cyberpunk when it comes out on the larger screens of tablets than a mobile phone
  2. With next generation consoles and PC graphics cards coming out in a few months, will there be any talk/presentations/event on how Stadia plans to keep up with these other platforms? As someone who's subscribed to stadia pro primarily for 4K, visuals are important especially in the triple A titles. While it is up to developers to use the available hardware, it is clear game settings are dialed back a bit relative to PC, suggesting the current hardware setup in not really "high settings" 4K rendering capable.

Would ideally like stadia to become an alternative to my PC for 4K gaming and with next generation consoles looking like being viable replacements to mid-tier PCs, my decisions about continuing with stadia pro beyond December really hinges on these 2 questions; especially being able to get comparable visual quality as my PC. The convenience of stadia is great, but games to me are an extension of going to the movies so the cinematic immersion is very important. Therefore the larger mobile form factor support in tablets and the higher graphics fidelity at the highest available resolution on stadia. 

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I'm in the same boat. Wanting to switch to stadia instead of Xbsx or pc gpu upgrade lobe convenience but three things need to happen and my friends will also come over.


1. Android TV support

2. More games such as battlefield, COD, Fortnite, Project cars 3, Wrc 9, Saints row, GTA etc etc

3. Gen 2 announcement or confirmation from Google on what to expect.

Xbox and Playstation will be launch pre orders soon if this happens before Gen 2 announcement this could be bad news for Google as potential customers may commit to other platforms.

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It is good to know I am not alone in seeing just how important gen 2 is for Stadia. I spent months debating whether to get Red Dead Redemption 2 on Stadia or on Steam and ended up going with Steam. I have a Radeon VII and I can get an average of 45fps at high setting at 4K. I will be getting a Big Navi GPU for Star Citizen which is an exclusively PC game and the one game I spend hours upon hours playing,  For everything else, Stadia would be perfect if the high visual quality was there.

Not really concerned about the games because I believe they will come, it just takes time to convert games written for Windows and DX11 or the consoles over to Linux and Vulkan and with other projects game studios are working on, those ports aren't high level priorities.  I suspect for games like battlefield, COD, and GTA it will be the next releases that come first if they are near. Though even the current COD should be doable. Project Cars 3 would be amazing if it came to Stadia and hopefully Google finds a way to get racing wheels to work with the chromecast or an improved chromecast.

The games I would love to see on Stadia though would be Pro Evolution Soccer, DOA and Resident Evil 2 and 3. I own them on Steam but would gladly pay for them again on Stadia especially if there is crossplatform progression.

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Hi @TheDarthTux

For playing on an Android tablet, I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab A and have been using the option under 'Experiments' to get it to work.

All I've done is go on to my profile picture, select 'Experiments' from the options and then selected 'Play on this Device'.

Not sure if you've tried that or if the option is not available for you, but before this came along I had to run Chrome in desktop mode, which did work but then I had a little trouble with controller setup.

Using the 'Experiments' option above works flawlessly on my Android device! Hope that helps you too. 😉


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Thanks for this. I can now play on my Galaxy Tab screen. You can't imaginge how happy this makes me 🤣🕺

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