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Suggestion to easier see the difference between bundled games and base games

I'm noticing quite some confusion when it comes to all the different bundles being provided for games. The latest F1 2020 is a good example of where things go wrong. Codemasters only seems to have published two editions of the game. Non of them named a base or standard edition. This confusion starts then in the stadia store as the store makes it look like these editions are bundles consisting of a base game and add on content with the edition name. This makes people think there is a base game that can be bought without the add on content. But when we click on the base game we get to the store page of the base game but cannot buy it.

The only hint we have is that the price of one of the editions is a normal price for an AAA-title. That might suggest that one of the bundles is the standard edition even if the name nor the description says it is the standard package.

Could it be possible to mark more clearly what a base game is and a standard edition bundle is? A base game should not be shown as a bundle with add-on content and should be purchable. For example. If the F1 2020 70-edition indeed is the standard edition I don't want to see it displayed as a bundle consisting of a base game with a 70-edition add-on package. I just want to see it as one game. The F1 Schumacher edition should then be displayed as consisting of the base game named 70-edition with the Schumacher add-on package.

The same thing is shown with Doom btw. But luckily here the name of the bundle says standard edition. Which indicates at least that you're paying a standard base game price but you get some additional content as a bonus.



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Thanks for the explaination. 

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Completely agree. I reached this topic by searching the exact same thing because I was confused by the store's way to communicate bundles and base games.

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