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Suggestion - Save game data backup/rstore to Stadia PRO Account

I would like to suggest for Stadia to offer a way to backup/restore game save states in your PRO Stadia account as save game data corruption is an issue that can affect any game. 

If a feature existed to backup/restore game save data to your Stadia PRO account, then a user can recover when a save game state is corrupted, by restoring a previous save state. 

To clarify, I am suggesting a cloud backup/restore of game data from within your Stadia account with no local file upload/download or ability to edit game files.

Backup/Restore of save game data would have been an amazing feature to use when I just had this happen to me:




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@LemonLime : The only catch with that is that not everything is stored on the Stadia server, rankings typically get pushed to a ranking server someplace else and not just to a server where some save data is stored.  I don't think it would necessarily help with your BL3 issue.   Just my thoughts on this though, so feel free to post a suggestion via the Stadia app.

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@Mad_Dog_Bravo: Thanks for your reply.  I understand and agree that games can vary on how save data/stats are stored.  In the case of ranking servers, you are correct that a save/restore feature would not work.  Games that use save data files only would benefit from this feature. In regards to BL3, on PC you would have a Profile.sav and other *.sav files (game save data) that would include all progress, inventory and guardian rank stats.  I was suggesting the ability to restore the save game state for games that use data files.

Thanks for the tip on submitting a suggestion via the app.

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