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State Share Beta coming this Summer with Crayta launch

State Share Beta Confirmed for Summer Release with Crayta

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How it works

At the highest level, what we’re talking about is the ability to generate hyperlinks that allow players and creators to load into individual games and game sessions within Crayta. Under the hood there’s quite a bit more complexity, so that game creators and players can request a link at any time and Crayta will know which type to generate. Let’s look at the main use cases:

  • A player who has made a game can share a link on social media. This link launches Stadia and takes them directly into a session of that game on Crayta.
  • Someone making a game over a number of sessions just wants to launch directly into create mode each time they launch Crayta, so they create a link to save as a Chrome bookmark.
  • A streamer is having fun creating a game and wants to get more people involved. They generate and share a temporary link that takes people directly into their edit session. When the streamer finishes the link expires.
  • A YouTuber wants their viewers to come and join in their play session, so they generate and share a link in chat. People clicking on the link will be taken to the exact session that the streamer is in (note: if the server is full they will be taken to a new instance of the same game).



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very excited for thi feature. Hopefully we will be able to stream from chromecast soon.

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@Babaganuche7  I agree. I've already been utilizing some of the features or instant video which is convenient. I want them to take their time and not just rush the release with any additional new features. It's more important we get a critical execution than just a half-washed feature. 

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