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StadiaStreamer's #TNV #Destiny2onStadia

EDIT: IMPORTANT: This week's event has been cancelled due to the Mixer shutdown and lack of participants. However, signups for future TNVs are open! Please visit for Info, Rules and signup slots. Thanks!



W H O ?

Calling all Destiny 2 Guardians, 18+, who play on Stadia!

W H A T ?

StadiaStreamer's Thursday Night Versus mini tournament. Map Type: Crucible

W H E N ?

June 25, 2020 @ 7:00 PM EST

W H E R E ?

W H Y ?

The Champion will win $100 cash prize!

Back at it again, @Streamer  is opening up advanced sign-ups for the weekly Thursday Night Versus mini-tournaments! Ready to show the Stadia world that your Guardian light makes you a Champion? Then come sign up now at

Included in this sheet is a page for INFO & RULES. Still have questions? Join the Discord server to ask your questions, chat with other Destiny 2 players, and other things. Or directly forward your questions to scarlet#5009 who is a moderator and will do her best to answer your questions or find the answers.

If you want to cheer on your favorite Guardian, then give a follow to be notified when he goes live with the TNV! It will also notify you when he goes live doing some regular streaming. Watching during regular streams is a great way to rack up Stadia Points. These points are awarded for watching and hosting the StadiaStreamer channel. At each tournament, the viewer with the most accumulated Stadia Points will receive a cash prize.

We have enjoyed watching a lot of great battles and look forward to even more. Let your light shine, Guardian!

scarlet_stream on Mixer & Twitter
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