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Stadia vs Console

I have a Playstation 4 Pro and Stadia.

Since we stream almost exclusively at home, Netflix, etc., I almost don't get to use Stadia with my CCU. That's why I mostly play on my PS4 Pro. Unfortunately I also have no way to compare the image quality of both platforms, for sure the loading times on Stadia are much better and some games run with a higher frame rate but what is the pure image quality?

For example, would you rather play games like AC Odyssey or RDR2 on the PS4 Pro or Stadia?

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Stadia Guide
Stadia Guide

If RDR2 support cross save, I will most definitely buy it again on Stadia and play it there. That game is like 100+ GB on PS4 and I don't have storage space for it anymore. Unfortunately it doesn't support cross save and after 40+ hours on PS4 I don't have the heart to start again.

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