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Stadia on iOS - Door Open?

For those who haven’t see the news, it seems Apple have softened their stance on game streaming:


good news for those of us hoping to play Stadia on our apple devices.

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Not really.

That means :

- either Google needs to make stadia compatible with safari (not going to happen)

- either Google needs to release an app for each game on stadia so they can be reviewed and appear in the charts. The stadia app would link to the app in the app store. It's a full mess, as if Netflix needed to show every movies and shows they release in itunes (or the TV app)... Not going to happen.

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Stadia Guide
Stadia Guide

@Matt1 I wouldn't consider their stance softened. If anything they just put everyone's speculation in writing. It's a horrible policy that really doesn't make sense in terms of streaming. Downloading an app for each individual game does not make it seamless or instant. You can throw the "no downloads" statement out of the window.

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