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Stadia future

People in the media and YouTube think stadia will die, what kind of future does stadia promise for its loyal supporters? We want stadia to be great! 

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I feel the same about the media...every new console or next generation console to date when it first starts out takes a few years to build up a games catalogue and no one wants to pay £500 for a console with few games.  Stadia cost roughly £100 and every month has added games. In a years time it will be more than doubled. I really don't understand the negativity around stadia. Every new platform and next generation console goes through teething problems. I'll be staying true to it as it has more potential than fixed hardware in the home. It would be nice if Google recognises our loyalty somewhere down the line for those of us that started out and stayed with stadia but it is a business first and foremost. 

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When i look at all the other platforms at the moment, i think stadia will be the last platform which dies actually tbh🙄. So don't worry, haters gonna hate. Stadia is here to stay, they made that pretty clear. Google already opened up a brandnew studio for stadia. So ive no doubts about that.

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For players:

  • Low or no hardware entry cost.
  • No monthly fee to play online.
  • Play anywhere on almost any screen.
  • Play officially with your peripheral of choice.

For Developers:

  • No pirating of your software.
  • No hackers to ruin your intended gameplay experience.


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I mostly find it amusing that they make the price of $130 sound like a huge wall to climb compared to consoles. When the new ones launch with $500 price tags and a limited library of new stuff I wonder what they'll say. 


Then again, some media outlets make it sound like Microsofts decision to have a year of cross-gen exclusives is horrible. Gaming media has nothing to do with journalism these days and it's a real shame that some of them actually have people listening to them with faithfulness.

The Stadia launch weren't the smoothest. But going on stuff like anonymous indie developers as proof of death is just silly. 

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Quiet man will not die. Perhaps they should not have attacked Sony and Microsoft in their presentation and now they would not have all the journalists who pay these companies for articles. Stadia also represents a threat against local Hardware. Both businessmen, journalists employees and fans of these companies Stadia is a threat, all this was predictable. Then we have the Publishers / developers who, being Google, will treat him like the rich and silly cousin and try to loot everything they can. Unfortunately,

Epic Games has created a bad trend for developers by giving them briefcases full of money with exclusives for their digital store. So the developer / publisher will not worry about making a good product and winning based on their work, now they want the money in advance and if their game is rubbish they don't care, they want the money secured before sales.

Then it is complicated to reach trade agreements.

I hope Google does not fall into the bad reputation of Tim Sweeney, the children's friend.


Then we have Harrison whose professional career seems taken from a book by Stephen King, which can perfectly be titled THE CURSE. And this is very juicy for the tabloid press. Do not worry Stadia is not going anywhere here firm and strong.

As my friend would say.

Don't panic

Screenshot_20200308-051015_Amazon Kindle.jpg

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They just opened a whole new top-notch stadia studio managed by industry veterans.

A few months ago they bought an indie studio from veterans who made batman arkham origins, assassin's creed 3 and farcry 4

They plan to bring 120 games this year,  including 10 which are timed exclusive on the first half of the year.

Stadia base will launch within months and empower the whole community.

Connexions between youtube and stadia will come as well and bring exclusive features for people using both services.

It took a few months to deliver promises but they just rolled 4K in chrome and android phones support. Soon they should roll out wireless controllers in chrome and assistant functionality.

I mean, the service is everything but dead. It's building up.

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Very good informative post.

However, I wouldn't expect Stadia Base soon.

What they have to do is a good commercial strategy focusing and investing in that the subscription is worthwhile and that it is really succulent to use their devices and their offers, in short their service and their games store.

They need to understand and I hope nobody is offended is that marketing with Slogans pompous only works in the USA nobody outside the USA will buy something because they recommend it or they tell you that this is great you need to have it. We've gone from:

  • Stadia to being more powerful than PS4 and Xbox together 4K 60FPS AAA games ultra and 8K 120 FPS 


  • Play on devices that you already have, play anywhere with this incredible technology


  • Play Stadia without downloads or patches or waiting.

They have to understand that this is disappointing and that outside of the USA culture people are going to look for what they need, not the other way around.

EVERYONE here we expected the new GEN not something that is comfortable.

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