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Stadia Vs GeForce Now: Destiny 2 comparison

Last time I checked, the Stadia version of Destiny 2 on PC (Chrome) was kinda blurry, had a little delay and a horribly close, fixed field of view, the graphics could not be modified and it felt pretty much empty.

A few days ago I tried Destiny 2 on GeForce Now... there's almost no blurriness and no delay, it runs smoothly at over 60 FPS with maximum details and maximum field of view (over 100 FPS with "only" high settings) and it has the player base of the Steam version.

This is true for all games that are available. Also there's so many more NEW games available on GFN for the generally lower PC games price tag. And GFN is only 5€ a month this year.

The announced 4K HDR @ 60 FPS on the TV is the only thing, GFN is not offering or doing better right now. And that's not even working as promised.. Please, @StadiaTeam , please provide a valid reason to stay on Stadia! Soon!

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Have fun with GFN bye.

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Thats great, hope you guys get to keep being able to play it which you probably won't.

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He has never played competitively in Destiny, CoD, BDO or Overwatch.



Good luck with cheaters, hackers ... aimbots, youtubers and twitchers.


For my Stadia free of cheats has a great value. I have Destiny since its launch, play CCU for PVE and Chrome using mouse and keyboard for PVP. Maybe I don't have players.

But it is free of traps.

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@ChronosPI probably will, thank you. But I'd prefer if Stadia would become what was promised, since I spent money on the Founders Edition and I really like the general idea of a "streaming console". 


@WhitoI never play anything competitive anymore since years, so it's true, these issues aren't any concern to me. But if you do, who do you compete with, if there's no player base?


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If this is true, I cannot find games online with virtually no games. You have to be patient with Stadia right now.


The launch has been rushed and I can say that the best decisions are not being made from the direction. However, I will tell you that all this criticism of Stadia will only make it stronger.


When X box series X and PS5 come out and you can see that they are not more powerful than a current PC ... they will also receive a lot of criticism.


Regarding Nvidia, I will tell you that they will never give you their latest technology in their cloud version, they are a chip company ... they will never give you their latest hardware in the cloud, once they release 3080 ... this will not be in your Stream service so you will also have criticism.


While Stadia bets everything on the cloud. Microsoft has been investing and losing for a decade in the market and today cannot compete with Sony and Nintendo.


I have a catalog of 500 games on PC. Even so with all Stadia's failures if they release me from piracy and cheats, I plan to continue supporting Stadia even without a player base until 2021.


Obviously each person has their preferences.

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@Dunnkare : So rather than have the Stadia team second guess what it is that you actually would like to see, why not just explain what features, functionality and games that you want to see in order to provide a valid reason to stay.  It would also be practical to provide some realistic time frames as to when you would expect these necessities to be available on Stadia.

At least then you might be able to get an idea if it is in within the next 3-6 or 12 months etc.  If it's way off, then just suspend your subscription and come back again at a later point in time to see if it matches up to your expectations or not.  It could just be that GFN is the better choice for you, or another platform etc.  Ultimately it is your decision as to what you do or don't do with Stadia, but at least having an understanding of what you're looking for would go some way at least to seeing if it's achievable sooner rather than later.

Kudos appreciated if deserved.
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@Whito @Mad_Dog_Bravo First of all, thank you for engaging in a constructive discussion!

Of course, every platform has its downside(s) and there's always some kind of trade-off. I don't expect Stadia to be the one and only perfect platform. Also I don't need to get latest tech and highest specs, that's not what counts for me. But I expect to get what I am promised when I buy something.

Nvidia promises flawless 1080p gaming and that's what I get there. It's not perfect, a lot of my games are not supported, but it runs as expected. Stadia promises 60 FPS 4K HDR gaming, but none of the games I played so far delivered such an experience. And that's even though the games come with a hefty console grade price tag. That is quite disappointing.

So, a valid reason to stay would be, if Stadia kept their promise and started streaming every game in full detail and 4K HDR to my TV. The sooner the better.

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Lets take a look:

"Last time I checked, the Stadia version of Destiny 2 on PC (Chrome) was kinda blurry, had a little delay and a horribly close, fixed field of view, the graphics could not be modified and it felt pretty much empty."

"A few days ago I tried Destiny 2 on GeForce Now... there's almost no blurriness and no delay, it runs smoothly at over 60 FPS with maximum details and maximum field of view (over 100 FPS with "only" high settings"

Stadia is comparable to a console running with cloud hardware thats why you can't change the hardware settings. Its up to the devs how they port their games to stadia and with which graphic settings. Since every other game is currently running on high - ultra its easy to say that destiny 2 could handle that too. Why the devs think otherwise is beyond me. You could ask bungie this but i rather prefer a solid flawless 60fps gameplay than fancy graphics. And there's absolutely zero input lag or blurryness on destiny 2 for me, maybe you're further away from the next google datacenter than to GFN's server stations but to declare your own problems as overall facts is not good.   

"This is true for all games that are available. Also there's so many more NEW games available on GFN for the generally lower PC games price tag. And GFN is only 5€ a month this year." 

It will cost more after this year, thats a fact. GFN is in beta since 7 years, Stadia is out since 3 month🤦‍♂️. Games don't have to be ported to GFN, they can add every game to their service. As long as the publishers have nothing against it.

" and it has the player base of the Steam version" 

Yes, because GFN runs the PC versions meaning that you will be playing with the PC Community. Since everyone is updating their EULA against cloud gaming, i feel more safe with stadia at the moment tbh. Didn't have to fear bann waves with stadia because it is its own platform.

Everything you've written has no substance because you compare apples to oranges. Just play on the platform you like best, or subscribe to both (like me) 15 euros aren't the world.


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If I have also criticized this, unfortunately Google is not an NGO ... it is the second company that has more value in the stock market.

Certainly Google is closer to Watch Dogs 2, Psycho Pass, Matrix or Skynet than Leonardo Da Vinci, Nikola Tesla or Elon Musk.

But this is the business world ... at this moment the Stadia project has its contracts with the investors already made and until they do not meet matketing objectives, they will hardly advance or release more things, I can assure you that they can already transmit 8k 120 FPS

Another thing is the developer, the consoles of this generation are delaying the development of games years ago since they need adaptations and development for their obsolete hardware.

Having a PC of the latest technology and such a huge catalog of games I am used to having to optimize all the games on PC ... I am not going to lie to you, I am duplicating my games by buying them back at Stadia.

Thanks to this I can see and compare the versions, I will say that Stadia does not reach ULTRA and are specifically optimized for Stadia.

I will tell you that Final Fantasy XV on PC is unplayable and SQUARE is reported on STEAM

In Stadia we have an "acceptable" version

I can give more examples but I don't want to get bored.

Just go where you feel happy playing.

I for my part even furious with Stadia ... I will continue with them to free me from the torture of having to buy hardware every 6 months

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@Dunnkare If you want to play in GFN and you feel it is a better service, I don't think we mind it. Are you trying to convince us ?

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Hard for me to believe that anyone is seeing "over 100 FPS with "only" high settings" on a 1080p streaming service. I'm not sying it's not TRUE, just saying hard to believe without some evidence. 

Either way this is simply your experience @Dunnkare . So what is your point? I haven't had this "blurriness" you talk about on Destiny or any other games on Stadia.

The argument that GFN has so many more games doesn't make sense in comparison to Stadia given the fact that GFN is giving you access to your own library, and games available on Steam to purchase.

Stadia is actually working directly with developers to provide and sell games, not working with a games store like Steam. So you're not actually comparign Stadia's game library to GFN library, because GFN doesn't HAVE a game library. You're comparing Stadia's library to one of the largest established PC gaming libraries in the world... Steam. It's not a sensible comparison. Eventually Ubisoft is supposed to bring their Ubisoft+ platform to Stadia, which will probably add to the price if you want to access that, but will also add significantly to the game library. There will probably be other deals with developers like that coming as well.

Lastly, I love when people keep saying GFN is $5 compared to Stadia's $9.99. I also like how you added in your post "this year". I'm glad you did that. Because NEXT year it's going to be $25 right? That's the price that's being stated right now. So NEXT year if you stay on GFN, you'll pay more than double the price of Stadia, which will undo any savings comparison you try to make between the two services THIS year. This year, if Stadia had charged from January you'd have paid roughly $120, versus $60 for GFN. But next year Stadia would still be $120, while GFN will be $300... to play games that you already own. 

So many of these "comparisons" people are making either don't make sense, or are strictly their personal experience and not the experience of many others. And so many of us answer these posts over and over again, and every day there's another one.

If Stadia is that bad to you, don't use it. If something else is crazy better to you, use that. If you have the money and you see value in both use both. But let's stop making comparisons that simply don't make sense., or only make one service look good because you do things like use their introductory pricing instead of their long term pricing. 

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Well I will leave this news here ... cool, cool.

NVIDIA: 'Our gaming laptops will be the most widespread and used console in the world' The CEO of the hardware manufacturer removes chest from its graphics processors and cards claiming that they will have a product superior to PS5 or Xbox Series X.


Well then let's make numbers.

$ 3,000 for the gaming laptop
$ 25 per month from geforce now
$ 100 for each gold edition of a game.

I really thought that with the GeForce cloud service, they wouldn't need hardware anymore.

Remember that your payment service does not give you the "ti" version of the 2080 RTX so you do not get the latest high-end technology

Well now let's make an assessment of what it would cost to have a similar 4K experience to Stadia on PC

Intel Xeon Platinum 8284 2.7ghz - $ 15,000

Nvidia Titan RTX SLi 5000 $ (2500 $ per unit)

The rest of the components I leave to your choice, but with a good screen you will spend 30k USD to have an experience "similar" to Stadia

Sometimes we forget that Google puts the Hardware.

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Intel Xeon Platinum 8284 2.7ghz and Nvidia Titan RTX SLi aren't what's running in Stadia servers.

They use AMD Vega 56 as GPU and a customized Ryzen 5 2500X @ 2,7Ghz for the proc.

It can already run games that will be coming to next consoles since it has similar specs, but with continuous improvement over the years, the Stadia servers will beat next gen consoles easily during their lifetime.

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Thanks for putting the specifications.

Of the CPU if it was recorded.

From the GPU I knew it was an AMD chip of 10 TFLOPS but I didn't know the exact model.

What I was referring to is getting a similar experience in your home.

No one has a data center at home.

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Well, I don't think GFN and Stadia aren't comparable. Yes, technically, they're different types of services and Stadia's 1080p stream will be "free" at some point, while GFN's free service is very limited, but the Stadia games are very expensive and only playable on Stadia (if it shuts down, everything is gone); on GFN the games are much cheaper and if GFN is terminated, you can still play them on a PC. But to the customer they're both basically the same - a paid service to stream games that you have to buy individually.

I know Nvidia estimated something like $25 a month for GFN a few years ago, but I can't find any up to date information on the price tag after the Founders offer is over. If anyone has a valid source on that, it would be appreciated. The next 12 months I'm paying 5,49€ / month, so that's what Stadia has to compete with right now.

And it's nice, that many of you seem to get the full 4K HDR experience on their TV's, but I don't and I know many others don't either. Stadia doesnt looks horrible on my 4K TV, far from it, but it's also definetly not true 4K @ 60 FPS. At least not in Shadow of the Tomb Raider and all the free games so far. I get a lot of artifacts and blurriness, even though my connection is always "excellent".

On PC via Chrome, the experience is even less great.. To me, it doesn't matter what the specs of the servers are or if even more was possible. The only thing that counts is what I see on my screen. The only game I myself can compare directly is Destiny 2, because I do own that on Steam and Stadia. And it just looks and runs just much, much better on GFN than on Stadia via Chrome.

But no, I'm not trying to convince anyone to switch to GFN. Everyone should use whatever they're happy with. I'm just trying to get what I was promised by pointing out the shortcomings of the Stadia service compared to others. If Stadia would deliver true and almost flawless 4K gaming to my TV, or rather any device like they said, I wouldn't think twice and simply subscribe to both services.

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It is perfectly compatible to have both services. And it is very healthy to discuss these services ... in the end it is all about that, about games. I will not go GFN because I would lose power with respect to my Hardware. In my humble opinion, Activision withdrew its GFN games not because of its recent contract with Google. The Stream / Cloud market is a new and unexplored market for the world of video games.


While many publishers or developers do not bother you that with your copy of Steam play on multiple devices to give visibility and popularity to your products .... many others do NOT. I mean ... you can buy by putting an example THE WITCHER 3. Suppose you have a PS4 an XBox, PC and Switch. It is true that if you buy The Witcher on PS4 you cannot play it on other platforms. GFN advocates that "the game is yours, play it wherever you want" But this is negative for these predatory megacorporations.


Why would they sell you a copy if they can sell you 5 A company will never lose possible sales and profits. Even if you acquire a physical game ... You cannot play it digitally or vice versa Physical is not digital and the cloud is not physical or digital It is a new platform and many publishers are realizing and withdrawing their products. It will have to normalize over time and sign commercial contracts.


Mo that is clear is that Google has the advantage right now. Why do you think have so few games in Stadia All are commercial licenses.


Welcome to the real world.


I tell you all this with love and affection and I greatly appreciate being able to discuss this and express our ideas and thoughts about something we are passionate about.

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Nah sorry stadia runs like crap for me. 
Geforce Now literally runs games like ATLAS and ARK Survival Maxed out.
Stadia gave me problems from the start and I gave up after 3 weeks of the dropped games and lag.


Mind you I have a computer that can play all these games just fine without cloud service. But I use the cloud service on my GPD XD Plus Handheld

I will clearly state GFN is 100% better in all aspects of performance. Period.

But big game developers don't like that you don't have to buy the game again to cloud stream it.

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Gfn is also a great service as long as the games stay. I will have to say though that the input latency and stability is far better for me on Stadia. I play both division 2 and Destiny 2.

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weird experience if you play with the same condition. Can you put some screenshots & videos please , just to compare your gfn vs stadia.


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