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Stadia Pro Year Subscription?

Is there any news of whether Stadia will have a Stadia Pro Year Subscription rather than the month to month subscription?


Would be cool to have a flat fee for the year at a reduced cost? Similar to Playstation Plus / Xbox Live

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If they did that, you would unlink your Google pay credit card, it would no longer be linked to all Google Play apps and not spend on those microtransactions in mobile games, nor on any product that is sold online if you use Chrome.

From Google we want to make life easier for you to buy what you need with just one click. Well and what you don't need too.

Ooops we are very sorry to hear you buy by mistake.

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I would also like to see an annual subscription. It doesn't have to be cheaper, I just don't like having my credit tapped every month.

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I really hope that sooner or later the annual subscription will be activated! in my opinion it would also be an excellent marketing solution to attract users who, once paying, no longer have to think about the subscription. instead cos' every month you have to be careful to have enough credit in the prepaid.

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