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Stadia Pro: Remove Youtube advertisements

Since we are already paying google for stadia pro, it would be pretty nice if we could get youtube advertisements removed for our accounts.

Would really make me feel like google appreciates us Stadia users. Personally, I would see it as a selling point: "Stadie improves my entertainment, in games and video" ๐Ÿ™‚

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In a round about way I agree with this. However, instead of just giving us YouTube upgrade.... They could bundle YouTube, Google music and stadia (change stadia to a 3 tier system). 

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I don't think a have Stadia, get YouTube Premium for free is the right path. But bundles are always welcome; I have YTM, YTP, and Stadia... bundle those and throw in the family plan and I'll pay $19.99 USD for it.

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Oh I didnt mean "get youtube music for free". I meant "remove youtube advertisements" and only that.

A separate idea would be to have a stadia+youtube pro bundle.

But I don't expect tog et youtube pro for free with stadia, so we aggree on that.

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