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Stadia Friends for Newbie gamer

Hi everyone, 

To be completely honest, I am new to the world of gaming and my first ever platform is - Stadia! As you can imagine, I am pretty bad at it, and still figuring out games that I like and how to go about everything. 

Just realised today that you can't cross play across platforms (as few of my friends are on PS4) and hence I am really hoping to add some like minded friends from here to game with and get any help/advice/tips really! 

I am a very casual, laid back gamer just looking to have some fun. Thank you in advance. 

Please feel free to add me and of course I shall add everyone who responds. Thank you. 🙂  

My name on Stadia is - NSmarty3 (#7999)

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Stadia Guide
Stadia Guide

I just added you but feel free to reply on this thread dedicated to finding Stadia friends! You might have better luck there.

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That's great, thank you so much!
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