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Showing Actual Game Purchase

This is an odd thing to expand upon, but it is just a tad annoying how when I'm looking through the catalog of games, it shows I've purchased the "standard" version and not the "special" or "ultimate" version of the game. Inside the "standard" game it does show I have the "special" or "ultimate" edition add on, but it would be nice to show on the main page what game was actually purchased... #firstworldproblem

Does this annoy anyone else? 

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Hi @th3d0wnfa11

It has been commented on elsewhere that the library is in need of a fix and I've also submitted formal feedback

  • Games to show their proper status after purchasing (i.e. not show Pro if a full version is purchased)
  • Games to provide options to Hide, Delete, Restore etc. to the visible library.
  • Folder Management- I now have over a page of Pro and Purchased games on one list....messy....I'd prefer some form of folder management.
  • Ability to show games in different views, i.e. Pro vs Purchased (and for those Purchased to show the proper status- i.e. remove the Pro label if the full version is purchased so it shows up in the correct list.

Here's hoping we get some of that very soon as the library is becoming an issue for me, more niggling than essential but still, an overhaul is due I's suggest.

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Thank you @Shadowdarck for bringing that to my attention. It's much appreciated. 

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