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Sharing Sadia within family


I have an active Stadia Pro Account, and I am wondering if I can I share this account in my family! 
I found some hints online- but if I understand those hints correctly my son would need an individual account and I can control this account in the family options in the stadia client. But the most important question is, if this would be an official account I will have to pay for, or during registration of the Stadia account if my son I simply have to offer my activation code - so this code is allowed to be shared in family. Is this correct?

Kind regards,


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Stadia Guide

Hey @Trollstone,

at the moment family sharing is not possible, because it's not available yet. All you can do is control your child's account regarding Stadia, but for the moment, each family member needs to have a separate account and an individual Stadia Pro, you can't share Stadia Pro yet.

A lot of people are waiting still for the family sharing (including me) and Google mentioned it coming for 2020, so let's just wait until then. But if you want your son to be able to play now, yes he would need a separate Stadia Pro for the moment.

Here's what Google mentioned in 2019 regarding family sharing:

How will family link integrate into stadia? Will you be able to share games with family members in order to play together? Or will I have to buy a separate copy of the game for each child?

  • ANDREY: Family Link is supported on Day 1 to provide parents the ability to manage their child’s experience on Stadia. As a parent you have controls in your Family link app on the phone and the Stadia parental dashboard.
  • Family Sharing is not supported on day 1, so you’ll have to buy games for your child’s account. But it’s a high priority feature, we’re planning to launch early next year. 
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"It's a high priority feature... early next year.". It is now the middle of June and still nothing. I have been an avid supporter of Stadia since before it was launched. Between lack of games and promised but undelivered features, my patience is growing thin!  Good thing Google has money to throw at this because any other company would be ranked by now. But it also lends credibility to those who say Google will drop this like they do many of their other products. 

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Hey @Trollstone 

I'm also interesting in how this will turn out. In theory, it should work the same as any other console; i.e my wife can pick up a controller, sign into her account, and she has access to the full library of games that i've purchased. I sort of think that family members should be allowed to share games that they've purchased, just like we've always been able to.

I think where this gets a bit hazy is how online would work - on my Xbox i have xbox live, but she doesnt, so would only be able to play games locally. However, all of stadia is online......this could be an opportunity for stadia to get a real edge over the competition, though i understand its a leap for a family of 2-6 people to only be paying £8.99/month. 

i dunno! interesting to see what they come up with

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I guess an ‘individual’ and ‘family’ tier would make sense. So £8.99 for individual and say something like £12.99 for family of 4 or 5 accounts sharing all content...

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We need more then just a tier system . If I buy a game my family should be able to use.

How does google have a chance to compere with consoles if they don't do that .

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It depends if you mean play it in parallel (at the same time on different screens) which is family sharing, or if you mean just to have access to play it using another profile on the same account (I,e. their own saves etc.). I think they are different but Stadia needs both - extra profiles with one accessible at any one time should be free, but parallel playing like true family sharing is something that should cost a little extra in my opinion, but not massively more.

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I agree this is a high priority feature... I have four accounts that needs to be integrated into my family plan because I don't want to put my credit card into each of those separete accounts,  this has been very bad developed by Google and still no mediation for this.

Personally, I don't know what's going on with Google, everything seems to be falling apart there... Stadia barely gets any updates at the interface level.  Especially at the app level, you cant even text your friends, there's no achievements, there's no profile interface to show user profile and how you're performing. Just ugly and barebone... I am a software developer, and I can tell you some of these features are so easy to build, they can be built in one day. Truly I don't know what the f is going on inside Google but it's not pretty, look at the Pixel 4A now, where is the phone? Will it ever be released?

Please Google get your 💩 together....

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Hey Stadia! 
Quit taking advantage of kids and families will ya? I mean as if 2020 wasn’t bad enough you need to charge a single parent with two kids $180USD plus Stadia monthly just to play RDR2 together? Come on.

Please get Family Sharing into Production. Done is better than perfect. The kids are counting on ya for cripe sake. 

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So - I've also been wanting this for some time. I saw something recently which appears to hint that this is v. close to being a reality.

On, this article was posted about a week ago (on 25th Jun 2020). This site is basically some techies which take a look at android packages (.apk files) which are pushed to the play store, "decompile" the packages and try and figure out what the code is doing. In this case it's the Stadia APK they're talking about.

According to the 2nd point in their article which is entitled "Family sharing", various text prompts have been set up which reference family sharing. This is a very strong indicator that this feature will be made available soon.

Points to note:

  • This appears very plausible - I don't believe you don't even have to "decompile" these APK files to see "static text" and/or ASCII fields, I think it's just a case on "unpacking" to be able to see this, so it's not that difficult to do.
  • Google development practices are known to include "dark releases" or "feature toggles" - both of which mean that features become part of the app way before the end user sees them, but they're just not switched (or "toggled") on yet and can remain this way for some time while the features are being completed and/or tested.
  • Just because the features are in the APK, it could still be that they aren't going to be turned on for a while to come yet and in some cases they may never be turned on. All this means is that they've recently invested some time/effort in this feature and so their currently intentions are likely to be to switch on this feature.

A positive affirmation of this from the Stadia team would be a nice next step, though. Any chance of this soon, Stadia devs?

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Family Sharing is not supported on day 1, so you’ll have to buy games for your child’s account. But it’s a high priority feature, we’re planning to launch early next year. 

It's mid 'next year' now and still no family plan. It seems like this is a purely legal and contract based issue, not anything technically challenging. I wonder if studios are pushing back on Google's plans.

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Tbh I would be happy to pay £13/month or whatever so that my wife can have her own account. I'm a big advocate for stadia and a lot of my mates now have it on the free trial, but they're going to let that run out and ditch it until this feature comes in.

Bit of a shame really but generally I've observed a load of improvements, such as on screen controls, wireless stadia controller support on Chrome browsers, achievements have now arrived etc so they're clearly working hard on it.

I think that srob3r is probably right and there's some sort of legal/contract dispute about the sharing aspect of the games

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My children start to beg to get the new PS, I cannot blame them, I have their accounts setup, but refuse to buy separate copies of games. Please get this family thing in working order!! We have waited long enough for this announced feature, which was reason I bought this. If not coming soon, I will leave google for both music and games... 

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