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Serious sam Multiplayer

I don't know about everyone else, but i've been playing Serious Sam the collection quite a few times already.

but every time whenever i look for multiplayer games there seems to be none.

even when starting my own MP session i could play for hours without anyone joining.

Is something wrong with the MP of serious sam? or is literally no one actually playing when i'm on?

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I’m sad too!! No one to play with! I loved this game as a kid! The game is hard as shxt as some points especially if ur playing the first encounter solo!! With the lack of cpu calculated spawns due to it being an older game shxt gets ridiculous quick!! As a kid me and my brother beat this together as a team!!

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@WestStat two reasons to this. Major one is time difference. Even tho stadia def rules to the sense we can at with anyone around the world with pretty much no lag/latency issues, the one thing stadia cant fix or change is the time difference. In other words depending on where u live and the time of day u are playing just may not be when most people are playing the game.

I have a lot of friends from the UK so when I want to play multiplayer with them I have to pretty much play on their time or else they will be playing very later at night kind of thing. Or like early morning either way it's def ONE of the issues.

The second is just what u said. There is nothing wrong with the game (fine collection and for the price def nice. Dated game? For sure but better than all the looter shooter garbage plaguing Stadia atm. N honestly because serious Sam is a chaos shooter kinda thing it's been a really GREAT game to play and enjoy before room eternal. Pretty much same style as the duken nukems and doom games, fast paced, hardcore, chaos. F*ck "loot" f*ck gun "stats" or ",gear levels" and all this other rpg trash stuff that don't belong in FPS games, least this is old school PURE FPS glory) prob is no one plays MP. N the few people who have bought it and are playing it, usually just do single player campaign truthfully.

So that's why u have that issue. Time differences. Not many have bought it. N the few who have are usually playing solo campaign when they are on.

I've witnessed same thing I am on that game for hours I look Everytime just to see no games always. I've gotten into one co-op game so far with a full room of 4. It was def fun but just don't expect it to happen to often. 

Most people are playing destiny 2 on Stadia......or one of the other looter shooters on it 😛


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Hi Sho,

i've been playing within the EU Timezone (CET) (NL) at proper times evening and weekends during the days at intervals..
So timezone issue (taking regard to Asia playing in the morning till noon, and to the US playing in the evening) is not the point here.

what is possible is that everyone who has the game is indeed playing single player. or there aren't that many people who've actually purchased the game.

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@WestStat I live in USA and I'll tell you right now there are def times where playing with my UK buddies will be a problem and it's not because of Stadia's service it's just because of the time difference. Now maybe that specific problem just doesn't affect you but this is also why I added all the other solutions.

I'm simply saying the REASONS as to why u don't see any servers are. 

A.Time differences.

B.Lack of people actually purchasing the game/owning it.

C.The few who DO own it are playing single player campaign. 

Now maybe one of those things affects you or all of them. I'm just saying it's not the game at all. These are the reasons though as to why it's so low. It's not just in co-op either. Not many people playing multiplayer in general (co-op or pvp). I couldn't tell you why. Maybe most people who did buy it really haven't played it before so that's why they are trying to just stick with single player campaigns (since there is def plenty there to keep u busy).

I personally have beaten all of these way back when and own the entire collection on steam as well. So this was more so, to support Stadia (with an actual game I like) n to more so just play something before doom eternal (that's similar to doom at least and not a looter shooter). So I was looking forward to more people like me on this (to play multiplayer with) but sadly it just is what it is.

Def dead game multiplayer wise. Hopefully it changes. Whenever I am on I create servers and leave them on for a while (least and hour or two). As I have said though so far I've only managed to play one co-op game with 4 players.  It was def fun though and would love to do it more. So hope more people do end up showing up at some point. 

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