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STADIA - The good, the bad, the ugly


The good -

So I eventually hooked it up to my 4k TV and hooked it up to my hardline (didn't try wireless) and I was pretty impressed, with the visuals of Destiny 2, it played solid.

You can use MOUSE/KEYBOARD via browser (Love this hope this is a common thing moving forward more refined of course)

The bad

Samurai  Showdown - This was probably where STADIA is at it's weakest, visually it looks gorgeous again but the input lag felt really bad here, it feels like you're floating or playing in slow motion. STADIA, will need to work really hard on just ACING competitive gaming so it feels like there is no difference or at least the appearance of none. There is also a massive issue with getting a game going online against someone else, it takes FOREVER to matchmake. I also had this issue with destiny trying to connect a PVP match took ages but COOP was super fast.

The ugly -

The browser experience  maaaaaaaaaan it's SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ugly, I don't know why it can't be seamless in transition especially if you're a pro subscriber i want STADIA to utilize my ultrawide monitor.

if you'd like to list yours put it here

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Stadia Guide
Stadia Guide

@SecretCode Just want to comment on your experience with regards playing online with others. There are probably not many people that have access to Stadia yet, given that the codes are still being distributed. This causes long wait time, and I've heard similar tone from those playing Destiny 2, that they got dropped solo into a Strike, or can't find 6 people to fill in Crucible matches.

Hopefully as more and more people getting their hands on the codes, the wait will get shorter.

Please @mention when replying to me, so I can get notified
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Alright, I'll take a stab at it.

The good- The connection is flawless on my 150/4 Mbps internet, both wired and wireless. I've been playing for hours with no noticeable input lag, no stutters, and no artifacting. Could not be happier with this aspect. The controller is very comfortable. As a M+K user, I've never gotten the hang of controllers, but I could see that happening with this one.

The bad- Google's communication. I ordered FE on 6/6, didn't get my code until almost 8 PM Eastern. This would have been fine if they had discussed this ahead of time, or even if they told us as soon as they knew things weren't going as planned. Instead I had to spend the whole day refreshing my email, worrying that someone would take my name. I'm also fine with features not being present for the FE/PE launch as they've mentioned it ahead of time, but for most things they haven't given a solid timeline. They just say "soon" which could mean soon, or it could mean "we have no idea but we're working on it, and we HOPE it will be soon." Just talk to us, Google; this community seems slightly less toxic than most, we'll understand.

The ugly- Besides the missing features, the ugliest thing would be Assassin's Creed Odyssey not being made available to Project Stream testers. It really would have been a really nice gesture, especially considering the rough launch. That being said, I don't feel like I've been robbed of anything as it was free to test in the first place. They even gave us a free PC copy after, so I still came out ahead. But it REALLY would have gone a long way to honoring the community members who helped make Stadia possible.

All in all, I'm delighted with Stadia so far, and I desperately hope that it gains traction.

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Hey Ivan,


Thanks for the response hopefully that does make the issue of match finding much better, I would love to test out STADIA more with samurai showdown because I feel that is probably the best type of test for it in terms of latency/lag input, things like that.

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