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Pro Stadia rant

Am i the only one who doesn't really care how the launch of Stadia is going? End result is we will all eventually get it, i understand anticipation and all that good stuff but people crying about it......really dude really? Go ahead, cancel your pre-order and hate from outside the club! What happened to people having patience?? give it time to grow, to develop for gods sake! Its like everyone forgets about previous console rollouts and the lack there of games upon release! Even from a feature perspective we didn't have anywhere near the features we became accustomed to in the PS3 when the PS4 launched! (which took them a year and some change to re-introduce those features!) Its a shame, these millennial's expect new tech rollouts to be flawless, which they are not! they improve with time! and given Googles agile nature, hopefully we will see weekly improvements as previously mentioned by John Justice on StadiaCast. Google is new to the gaming arena and i understand they are trying to position themselves next to PC, Sony and Microsoft but its not going to happen overnight!! Patience is key!!! Woosssahhhh!
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