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OnLive do you think any of it's features would fit Stadia today?


there is a couple ideas here that I think are cool. how you can jump into someones game and watch them playing it before buying it. You can cheer them and stuff like that. (could be good for content creators)


it's just fascinating looking at some of what it has to offer and what can be extrapolated from it into stadia.


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A lot of its features are already in everything. The only ones that aren't are animated avatars and the ability to stream another platforms library. (During its final breathe OnLive allowed you to connect your Steam account and stream some game.) The watch feature you mention is basically twitch/Mixer/whatever the Steam and PS4 versions are called and then Stadia is gonna have itself intergrated with YouTube streaming.
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Community Member saw that over here agree with the majority of them, it was way ahead of its time something stadia should definitely look into.

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