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Older games

Did Google try at all to allow crossbuy for these older games that have been out on other platforms for a while? Unless they're on sale, they're kind of a rip-off. Being able to have some of these games by linking a steam account or something would increase the rate people adopt a new platform. 

I really like stadia and want to support it, but unless it's a new release, I don't think there's a ton of interest in paying 60$ for the attack on Titan game for example. I love being able to play destiny 2 in bed on tv and other times the PC version. The only issue is how depressing the stadia population is. That's a pro game, and it still doesn't have a ton of people playing it.

I get there are probably legal issues to deal with and fees for everything. I'd just like to see stadia succeed and from a customer's viewpoint, more players in a multiplayer game make it look more successful. That in turn gets the word out that it's a platform worth bothering with.

Just a thought I suppose. Perhaps not really achieved


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Stadia Guide
Stadia Guide

Totally agree with you, a steam-link or something would be very nice to have from consumer-perspective.

But as this is not possible atm, I am doing the same like you: I am basically waiting for a sale on Stadia and then get those specific games (that are not Stadia Pro inclusive) to play them. But I see what you mean: Sometimes it's also annoying when you have a game already purchased e.g. on Steam and then you need to pay again for a game on Stadia.

I guess the best we can do at the moment, would be to leave feedback in the stadia app or on, to show the developers that there is a demand for such a feature.

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