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New user with free Stadia 2 month pro. Bad experience

Hi everyone,

I'm trying stadia for the first time with windows 10 chrome and xbox controller with official dongle (it works)..

I'm having a bad experience..

Both games has frequent input lag.. lost of images and all that things that make a title like Grid unplayable..

here's my speed test:

my speed testmy speed test


anyone has suggestions?

my pc is a amd a8 6600k with integrated cpu and 8 gb of ram..

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For it not to work right with those speeds you gotta be wireless right? If on 5g the range is shocking for routers so move it closer if on 2.4 bigger range but it didn't work well for me at all.

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@Bazzu85 :

Based on your report I just did a 3 lap race to see if I was encountering any issues with GRID on Chrome with a wireless Xbox 360 controller.  No problems whatsoever, I'm running on the latest Chrome build (81.0.4044.113), and ProjectStream speed report of 487.943 Mbps, speedtest reports 550.63 Mbps, although I'm UK based rather than Italy.

Personally, I'd raise the issue with Stadia support so that they are at least aware of your issue in your region, it could be something caused by ongoing work on the Stadia infrastructure, or it could be something associated with your setup?  Hard to know for sure unless you have more machines to test against to see if you get any differences in behaviour etc.   Probably in the short term better to just raise the issue with the Stadia folks and see if the issue is resolved later on today/tomorrow.

Kudos appreciated if deserved.
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there are guides on the internet that help you to eliminate all possible slowdowns:
- disable use of adblock
- activate use of hardware acceleration on chrome
- add the third-party extension "stadia +" on chrome so you can have precise monitoring of network traffic, fps and lost packets.
- try connecting via cable
- check the firewall if it blocks something.
- enable javascript
- create a preferential channel on the modem if it is possible for your pc
- make sure you don't have other services activated (netflix, vpn, utorrent)
- when you have stadia + be sure to force the VP9 codec (less data better quality)

I live in Perugia, I am in fiber optics with more or less your same values and I am doing great.

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50mb FTTCAB from Arezzo here, no problem at all. But a friend of mine with even a Better connection has serious input lags problems on PC. Can't understand what's the problema is

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