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New Games... is this a Joke ?

We waited 2 months since the last Stadia official communication, and finally they announced 4 new games ! Is this a joke ? Please someone from Stadia tell me this is only a funny joke :).

You promised 4k triple A games, and now that we need something new to try out you released "Tetris, PacMan and Asteroid" (satirical)

And the wrost thing is that I saw a lot of users replied to the announce with "Oh Thank", "Great", "Fantastic !".

Well, this is going to be another big, huge, giant Google disaster...

I'm waiting replies that state I'm wrong, that they are great games... That Serious sam is a great game... Please, if you like to play prehistoric game or indie game there is nothing bad with it, but this is not what Stadia promised ^_^


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division 2, for their little one?

**bleep** youre clueless

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OP is almost correct.

I actually think the announced games look good. But it's really weak when you consider the silence before.  You'd expect they would have stacked major surprises and pulled a Google Connect with a ton of games including AAA from major publishers but.. they came in with cool little games and not even the release dates.

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