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Multiplayer Monopoly


I recently purchased Monopoly and wasn't able to figure out the following, anyone know if its possible.

  • Playing Monopoly 3 friends
  • I have 3 people locally
  • My friends each have 2
  • Total players are 7 (3+2+2)

From what i can you can invite a friend however that friend can't add a "local/another player". Am i missing something or is it currently designed in such a way that only the player sending the invite out can add additional local users?



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Stadia Guide
Stadia Guide

@MasterD I tried this to play with a few of my friends, and our understanding is that you can play up to 6 people, but only the host/creator of the game session can play have multiple players locally.

Please @mention when replying to me, so I can get notified
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