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Mouse bug on Chrome Samsung Galaxy tab

Tried to play on Chrome With my Samsung Galaxy tab s6. Samsung dex enables and chrome Desktop option activated. 

I have a mouse not detected error when I start a game

Mouse is bluethoot. 

The Keyboard work just fine.


Any idea? 

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Stadia Guide
Stadia Guide

Are you able to try another mouse? Maybe that bluetooth mouse does not work correctly? I would try it with another cable-mouse and see if that one can be detected.


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I suppose that is on Stadia's side. I tried to use my Galaxy Tab S6 keyboard (with mouse), Bluetooth mouse, wired mouse thought USB-C adapter.

The Bluetooth keyboard and wired keyboard worked with the same configuration with Stadia.

Mouses worked with others app.

So we have to be patient. I hope that the Stadia app will work soon on Galaxy Tab S6 tablet


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i used 2 different mouses. One Bluetooth the other connects via a unifying receiver 

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Same issue here with a S20. It seems like the Stadia website is not able to handle mouse and keyboard with Chrome in desktop mode on Android. 

Hope this will be fixed in near future. 

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