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MotoGP 20 - Lack of features


Just a brief update for those ones who are playing MotoGP 20 in Stadia.

I have contacted to Milestone in order to shed some light regarding the lack of features of the Stadia version comparing with PS4, XBox and PC (i.e. neither Red Bull Rookies Cup, Moto E, Junior teams (career mode) nor the new TV layout are currently available in the Stadia version).

They have came back saying they are working on bringing the same features across all consoles, and it is expected to have it in the short term.

Anyway, although it can make sense some delay regarding new patches / updates for the Stadia version due to it might be a niche market yet - it is not reasonable that the features of stadia version of MotoGP 20 is similar to the PS4 1.08 / XBOX ONE although those consoles are currently in 1.0.13 for PS4 and for Xbox

Note: I’ll keep you posted if any news are arrived from Milestone.

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